Our Life Is Very Good

27 pages.     The setting for this true short story is a remote part of Belize … far, far from the areas of Belize frequented by tourists and people on fashionable cruises.  You may be inspired by this simple, but amazing, story.

It all started with an ordinary man going with a North Carolina church mission team to work for a week in Belize in Central America.

The medical mission team went to a tiny village in a very remote area where doctors rarely went.  There, the man (the visitor) met a girl (Ana) on her 11th birthday.  The visitor just wanted to help make people’s lives better.

But something completely unexpected happened.

Ana told the visitor something that made his life better.

Our Life Is Very Good is the story of the powerful, inspiring words Ana told the visitor.

After you read this short story, you may want to do more than you ever thought about before.

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