The Home Tree

18 pages.  This is a delightful story for children that reinforces basic family values using 18 bright, colorful, hand-drawn customized illustrations.  Perfect for bed-time or nap-time!

Deep in the beautiful, peaceful forest was a majestic tree that had been home to animals for many years.

One day, some animals decided to move away from the big, strong tree that had been home to their families for a long, long time.  They wanted something new and different.

When something unexpected happened that was beyond their control, they wanted safety and security. What happened?
Where did the animals find comfort and safety?
Read The Home Tree and find out!

This story reinforces the strength and security of family and community, especially when we face tough times and challenges.  Children will love the story and bright illustrations of lovable animals, while parents will appreciate the underlying theme that promotes the fundamental values of family, home and community.

The beautiful illustrations are the inspired work of the talented Rhett Golsan, an elementary school art teacher in Texas.

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