The Mighty Locomotive

30 pages.    This is a “read it to me” book for pre-schoolers and a “let me read it” book for young readers.  It has stunningly beautiful illustrations by talented artist Jeff Duckworth.

The workers building the railroad up the tall, tall mountain at the western edge of McDowell County in the North Carolina mountains in 1878 had a problem.  The hardest part of making the very, very long tunnel at the top of the mountain was taking the blasted rock out of the tunnel.  When it was finished, the tunnel was as long as 6 football fields end to end!  It was taking forever!

If the workers could use a locomotive to pull a wooden cart full of large, heavy rocks from deep inside the mountain, the job could go faster.  But the locomotive was down in the valley several miles away … and the train tracks had not been laid between the valley and the top of the mountain where they were digging the tunnel.

What could they do?
How could they get the locomotive up the mountain?

Read The Mighty Locomotive to find out what they did and how they did it!

This true story is great for young readers, packed with beautiful illustrations by Jeff Duckworth.  Toddlers will love hearing someone read The Mighty Locomotive to them!  It’s a great way to teach kids that learning history can be fun.

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